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Top 7 places to have a joyful party in Phu Quoc

Vuon Tao restaurant
Spending time at these poetic beach bars and restaurants where to party in Phu Quoc, you will surely have one of the most unforgettable...

Enjoy Raw Barracudas Salad

Barracudas in Phu Quoc are better than those of other regions because of the marine environmental conditions here, so the fish is big and fresh, which is very good for both children and adults.

Grilled Sea urchin with grease and spring onion

One of must-try dishes is grilled sea urchin. Grilled sea urchin is a favorite dish in Phu Quoc because it can retain the richness of the urchins.

Bailer Shell (Ốc Giác)

Bailer shell is a nutritious fod all eaters. Bailer shell meat is divided into two edible parts - chewy white meat and rich soft brown part called roe.

Fried Rice With Sea Crab Meat

Coming to Phu Quoc island, tourists get opportunities to tantalize their palate with delicious food such as sea urchin, nhong fish, tram mushroom, and one another of must-try dish is fried rice with sea crab.

Coi Bien Mai (Grilled Apricot Horn)

Visitors can not only explore natural beauty of the island but also enjoy exotic cuisine: coi bien mai (grilled apricot horn).

Ham Ninh Sea Crabs

Ham Ninh crab quite small, but firm, fragrant and tasty than other kinds of crabs. The taste is as delicious as taste of Ca Mau sea crab or Nha Trang king crab. It has long been famous as a specialty of Phu Quoc.

Motorbike Rentals In Phu Quoc

Motorbike travel
Phu Quoc Island is a fabulous getway that attracts tourists from all over the world.

Unique sights in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc pearls
Phu Quoc island is still undeveloped for the time being and even during the high session there are still plenty of remote and empty beaches.

Self-Catering tourism : What to Eat and Where to Play on...

Phu Quoc Island is one of the greatest destinations and is classed as an ecological resort in Vietnam. Coming to Phu Quoc, you will be...

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