Ai Xiem Restaurant

Ai Xiem Restaurant
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Where else in the world can you eat gourmet food in a restaurant that is not only outdoors, but actually located on the beach? Phu Quoc is this kind of place. Ai Xiem Restaurant is literally set on the beach, Sai Bao Beach to be exact, with white sand beneath the tables and all the waiters and waitresses buzzing around barefoot.

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Choose from a wide array of food and deserts that make your taste buds satisfied. Food lovers can't fail to miss tasty seafood such as squid, shrimp, nhong fish, apricot horn, etc.. Ai Xiem is committed to serving high-quality food made from seasonal ingredients that contribute to great flavor. Ai Xiem staffs turn on in spotlessly clean uniform and are very helpful and attentive. Enjoy a great dinner at Ai Xiem restaurant with your loved ones!

Diners sit only a few meters from the lapping waves. When you finished, the done thing here is to lie back in a hammock under the trees and doze. Huge tiger prawns compete with barracuda on the menu. To get here, follow the paved road a few kilometers north of An Thoi and look for the 'My Lan' sign on the right, which leads down a rugged dirt track to the beach.