Analis Deli Phu Quoc

Analis Deli Phu Quoc
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Analis Deli is a coffee shop located on Tran Dung Dao road, Duong Dong street. With a convenient location, guests can easily access for a morning café or evening hangout. Chic décor always produces great atmosphere at Analis Deli Café and commands a nice view of street. Analis Deli café is a great place to enjoy coffee in best in Duong Dong town. Staying on upstairs offers you a panoramic view of Phu Quoc.

Analis Deli Phu Quoc Analis Deli Phu Quoc

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The coffee shop features wide range of café and deserts such as capuchino, espresso, Vietnamese coffee, etc. Choose from black coffee, brown coffee and egg coffee and pick up a desert you desire. You also can expect skillful mixed cocktails which are reasonably priced. Apart from drinks, the restaurant serves breakfast with various types of cuisine such as Thai food, Western food, etc. A brilliant choice of Thai green spicy curry, fried potato chips, sandwich are highly recommended at Analis Deli. Complement your meal with deserts such as iced-cream, lemon mousse cake, strawberry cheese cake, banana pancake.

Analis Deli Analis Deli


Café and deserts are refreshingly inexpensive – you expect to pay around 50.000 VND here. Waiters and waitresses are well-trained and always on the hands to help you. There are some great attention on details such as free glasses of water, free wifi, etc..

Summing up, if you are looking for a place to enjoy high-quality drinks and deserts, Analis Deli is indeed your best bet.