Banh Khot – Round Small Crepes

Banh Khot – Round Small Crepes
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Banh Khot is a small round cake made from flour made from rice flour batter. The batter is poured into clay molds, baked on charcoal and then topped with fried green onions. Other styles include adding chicken or quail eggs for a more hearty fare. It is served with a small dipping bowl of fish sauce mixed with mouthwatering lime juice, garlic, sugar, and chili pepper. Shredded mango is often added to the sauce for texture. The banh khot cake’s texture is similar to that of an English crumpet but the addition the toppings and spicy sauce gives it an interesting twist. It is incredibly cheap with a serving costing just 10,000VND or $0.50USD. Street side eateries in Duong Dong Town, often sell this dish however it is harder to find near Long Beach.

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>> The Pepper Tree Restaurant And Le Jardin

  • Address: Near the Cao Dai Temple on Nguyen Trai Street
  • Prices from 10,000VND per serving and up
  • Opening hours: Time of day: Lunch