Beach Bar, Mango Bay Resort

Beach Bar, Mango Bay Resort
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Long after you have left Mango Bay, memories will linger. Dining a few steps from the shoreline under a canopy of stars, or taking breakfast with the sea breeze rustling through a thatched roof are often quoted reminiscences. They are unforgettable.

Phu Quoc is a seafood paradise. The fabulous shrimp and other fish are caught fresh every day, and our squid is arguably the finest on the planet. To make the most of these wonderful ingredients, Mango Bay has developed its own style of fusion cuisine; a finely balanced mixture of Eastern and Western food styles with Vietnamese as the main underlying theme.

Beach bar Beach bar

Mango Bay has devoted half a hectare of garden to the kitchen and in it we grow seasonal Vietnamese herbs and vegetables, from Giant Elephant’s Ear for soups to bitter melons with basket loads of fragrant leaves in between.

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Beach Bar

The Beach Bar opens at 10:30am and stays open all day, for both lunch and dinner. It is a delightful place to enjoy an open air dinner listening to great music under the stars.

The Beach Bar offers a variety of gourmet snacks, pizzas and salads as well as a fine selection of grilled seafood and Asian style meat. Our house specialty is a personal BBQ brought to your table, which allows you to enjoy a hands-on approach to cooking beside the sea.