Le Deauville Bar

Le Deauville Bar
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How many restaurants in the world allow you to eat seafood where it should be eaten, which is on the beach in reach of the waves?

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Phu Quoc seems to make a specialty of this kind of dining, and from your table at Le Deauville on Long Beach you can watch the sunset on the beach while your meal is being cooked nearby. Wafting from the sand will come the aroma of seafood sizzling on a hot barbeque plate. As its name might suggest, Le Deauville is a French restaurant, and its owner is said to be a Frenchman named Olivier

Le Deauville is a French restaurant and bar (make that two bars, which are called Le Bar and Jade's Bar) near Kim Hoa Resort on Long Beach, in the heart of the action on Phu Quoc. Tables stretch right to the water, and seafood is rightfully the main attraction here.