Top Fancy Coffee Shops In Phu Quoc (P1)

Top Fancy Coffee Shops In Phu Quoc (P1)
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Is Phu Quoc cafe different from Saigon coffee and Hanoi coffee? If you have an opportunity to visit Phu Quoc island, don't miss to enjoy Phu Quoc coffee. Here below is list of top fancy coffee shops in Phu Quoc.

Biển Đường Cafe (near Dinh Cau market)

Of course, no mention of coffee may not be the first popular, but it is the cafe with the most beautiful view of Phu Quoc.
Coffee shop in Phu Quoc Coffee shop in Phu Quoc >> Phu quoc restaurants
Bien Duong cafe is located at meteorological stations in Phu Quoc, armed with exquisite European architecture. You expect to pay 20,000 VND or more for cafe and food. Located near Dinh Cau rock and overlooked the sea, it is also a popular spot for watching sunset.

I love Phu Quoc (Tran Hung Dao street)

The beautiful decoration, chic mural,  elegant decor, cozy space nights and romantic music make "I love Phu Quoc" a popular destination for tourists. In particular, I love Phu Quoc is situated near the shore so you can enjoy a coffee on the spacious couch, listening to the waves battering.
Coffee shop in Phu Quoc Coffee shop in Phu Quoc
There are all kinds of drinks: coffee, juice, ice cream, smoothies, beer, cocktails ... Cream Australia here was very tasty, the price is about 38,000 VND.
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