Top Fancy Coffee Shops In Phu Quoc (P2)

Top Fancy Coffee Shops In Phu Quoc (P2)
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Is Phu Quoc cafe different from Saigon coffee and Hanoi coffee? If you have an opportunity to visit Phu Quoc island, don’t miss to enjoy Phu Quoc coffee. Here below is list of top fancy coffee shops in Phu Quoc.

Quốc tế phụ nữ tôi yêu

In addition to drinks, the restaurant also serves a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will love cozy and delicate decor here plus music setting is fabulous as well. The restaurant's staffs are always friendly, welcoming and attentive.
Quốc tế phụ nữ tôi yêu Quốc tế phụ nữ tôi yêu >> Phu quoc honeymoon 

Buddy Ice-Cream And Coffee (Bach Dang street)

This coffee shop is situated at Bach Dang Street, opposite the Pier, is a favorite spot for foreign tourists. Tourists often sit for breakfast and coffee while waiting for the train at the Buddy to visit the island, scuba diving.
Buddy Ice-Cream And Coffee Buddy Ice-Cream And Coffee
Beautifully delicate stuffs such as furniture, paintings, fresh flowers are a little things that brighten up the shop. Ice cream her is the finest ones in Phu Quoc. Ice cream and drinks at this price is equivalent to the lavish shops in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. In addition to that, you will receive maps, free tour guides when drinking coffee.
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