Duong Dong beach and Cau temple


Here is a floating stone slab adorning the boundless white sand beach and crystal-clear water of Duong Dong sea with a deeply blue color.

Legends of Cau temple:

People in Phu Quoc once lived by fishing. Many fishermen, while going out to sea, encountered raging waves and they never returned. One day, the local saw a stone slab emerged on the white sand shore. It was considered as a strange omen, the community at Duong Dong established a temple named Cau on the stone slab to worship the God of the sea to shelter them from danger when setting sail. Cau has thenceforth been regarded as the sublime God of the sea and had ability to save and help fishermen when they are in danger.

Some people thought that Cau, who was a mandarin under a certain reign, deserved well of the local. So, they set up the temple to commemorate him.


However, Cau temple does not only attract tourists by mysterious legends but also the unique beauty. Along Duong Dong beach, tourists will come up on stone steps to visit Cau temple and enjoy the sea view. The inner on the temple is a masterpiece of ancient sophisticated architecture. The front looks over the vast sea. The left is a boundless smooth white sand beach with rows of oblique coconuts. The right is the harbor of densely tied-up boats. Especially, from the stone slab, tourists can revel in seeing the sunset on Duong Dong beach – a fascinating painting that is rarely seen from beaches in the land. The sunlight on late daytime embellishes silver waves with a dark yellow color.

When it is getting dark, the beach gradually has fewer people, boats for squid-angling begin lighting up and  stretch out a large space. From distance, it looks like a city on the sea.