Ham Ninh Beach

Ham Ninh Fishing Village

Ham Ninh is located 18 km from Duong Dong on the east coast of the island. The shallow waters off Ham Ninh have made it necessary to build an incredibly long jetty that seems to stretch almost 1km out from the township. The town is set against the backdrop of Ham Ninh mountain, the largest on Phu Quoc, stretching 30 kms along the coast. It’s highest peak is Mt Chua (603 m).Phu Quoc-

The waters off Ham Ninh have the majority of the islands seaweed beds. These beds provide an abundant source of food to the Dugong, an extremely rare species of dolphin that is of global environmental concern. It is believed that there are only ten of this species living in the area.

The locals of Ham Ninh make their living from fishing, diving for sea pearls and netting coral crabs. The crabs are a specialty of the area. The fresh crabs steamed and eaten together with lemon pepper/salt are enough to make Ham Ninh a must-see while you are on Phu Quoc.