Phu Quoc – the charming Jade Island

Phu Quoc beach
Phu Quoc beach

Looking down from the high position, Phu Quoc is as a triangle with the enchanting beauty and white sandy beaches and blue green trees … Phu Quoc is beautiful as a jewel among the sea, as the name people call on Phu Quoc – Jade Island.

The best ones in Vietnam were associated with this land is the largest island, possessing the most beautiful beaches and delicious seafood is homeland of the best fish sauce in Vietnam.

Phu Quoc - island
Phu Quoc – island

Phu Quoc – the beauty of the sea, a sophisticated combination between modern and wild features of nature is the attraction of this land. You can travel, relax at the highest resorts, and enjoy the service the most advanced. You can also find what the most simple, most folk, and the closest to come to this land. The reconcilement between the feeling of lack and excess is as a magnet that you want to explore and want to understand all this land.

Come to Phu Quoc to try the specialties such as:  Alcohol Sim,  shells of Bien Mai, eat herring salad, try the famous Phu Quoc fish sauce in Vietnam and in the world and feel with the heart all the refinements, the uniqueness and fascination here.