Self-Catering tourism : What to Eat and Where to Play on Phu Quoc Island?

Self-Catering tourism : What to Eat and Where to Play on Phu Quoc Island?
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Phu Quoc Island is one of the greatest destinations and is classed as an ecological resort in Vietnam. Coming to Phu Quoc, you will be far away from the noisy, crowded city where you can immerse yourself in the blue sea, breathe fresh air, visit famous tourist destinations and especially enjoy the rich and attractive cuisine of Phu Quoc island. Self-catering is an option for those who are on a small budget. However, for those who have the first travel to Phu Quoc, sleeping and eating seem to be a headache. The following I would like to share some experience to you have a wonderful trip.

Mean of transport to Phu Quoc

You can come here from the three Vietnamese cheapest airlines (Ho Chi Minh City – Phu Quoc Flight) below: Vietjet air: Vietnam Airlines: Jetstar:

Phu Quoc Tourism: Which hotel you should stay?

Phu Quoc Island Phu Quoc Island As mentioned above, Phu Quoc is the leading tourist destination and resort in Vietnam, so there is no need to worry about finding accommodation in Phu Quoc. Besides 3-4 star hotels, modern and luxury resorts... there are many hotels and motels with extremely low prices but have all the amenities, quality, and security that you need. Especially if you travel self-catering to Phu Quoc, and are looking for cheaper places to stay these are the most appropriate choice. So traveling to Phu Quoc need not be expensive. Other accommodation in Phu Quoc can be found here Where to eat on Phu Quoc Island? On the Phu Quoc island, seafood is still the most delicious and cheapest. In addition, you can also enjoy the Rice spaghetti, noodles, bread sunny side according to Phu Quoc’s style. The following is delicious and cheap places to eat in Phu Quoc Island Viet restaurant – Located at 54 Bach Dang street, Duong Dong town. You can contact them on this telephone number 0932620779). This restaurant has many dishes with cheap price, delicious and clean. Serving for breakfast, lunch, dinner (7 am - 10 pm) Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
  • Noodle soup (cooked with spider crab)
  • Noodle soup (cooked with mackerel)
  • Seafood rice noodle (shrimp and cattle)
  • Soya noodles with chicken
Lunch - Dinner:
  • Raw fish and vegetables (Herring) with only 100,000 VND per dish
  • Grilled dishes (Fish, squid, scallops)
  • Steamed dishes (Clams, spider crab, squid)
2 – Vuon Tao restaurant – Located at Cua Lap, Duong To village that’s renowned for its Raw fish and vegetables (Herring). In addition, there are many other dishes for your choice. This is restaurant’s telephone number: (077) 3847 008 – 0918 492 821). Vuon Tao restaurant Vuon Tao restaurant 3 –Trung Duong Marina restaurant– Located at 30/4 street, Duong Dong town. At this restaurant, you can enjoy raw fish and vegetables (lamprey). This dish is not only delicious but also very cheap with only 125,000 VND per dish. In addition, the restaurant also has other seafood such as seafood fried rice, spider crab fried rice with 125,000VND per dish, hot pot with 190,000 VND per pot, spider crab roasted tamarind… 4 – Le Giang restaurant – 289 Tran Hung Dao street, Duong Dong town. If you wanna enjoy typical breakfast dishes in Phu Quoc, Let’s come here. Famous dishes such as Rice spaghetti (cooked with spider crab), Seafood rice noodle (shrimp and cuttle) with only 30,000 VND per bowl 5 –Gia Tuong restaurant – 54 Hung Vuong street, Duong Dong town. This is one of the few restaurants that do not sell seafood but sell forest food on Phu Quoc island. There are many strange and delicious dishes However, the price is slightly higher 6 –  Nho restaurant (Nhớ) – Located at Vo Thi Sau street (inside Dinh Cau night market).  This is ideal stopover if you want to eat the night when you are shopping and visiting. 7 – Bien Hai restaurant  – group 1, Ganh Dau (Gành Dầu) hamlet, Ganh Dau (Gành Dầu), Phu Quoc District, Vietnam.  Here are the top places for a cheap in Mui Ganh Dau with so many different types of seafood for your choice. 8 - Nguyen Trai Street -  specializing in snacks, street food: Cutting cake (Saigon Steamed thin rice pancake), baby duck egg, Spring rolls,...

Where to go on Phu Quoc island?

Phu Quoc Island has many interesting places to visit, If you to go all these places, it will take a lot of time. So, where should you go when a visit to Phu Quoc. The following are some typical place to you refer: North island: Pepper garden: located on the North of Phu Quoc Island, Around 15 km from Duong Dong town Nguyen Trung Truc  temple : It is 25 km from Duong Dong town to go to Mui Ganh Dau. Mui Dinh Cau: Located in the center of Dong Duong town. You come here by renting a motorbike or car or taxi Hon Thom Island: You have to take the train about 30 minutes from Phu Quoc pier to reach Hon Thom. Bai Dai beach : Set on the northwest coast of Phu Quoc, is 26 km by road (motorbike only) from Duong Dong, and it takes about 30 minutes to get here by boat. This is one of 10 beaches voted by the BBC as the most beautiful wild beach in Vietnam East and South Island: Phu Quoc Prison: A tourist destination can not miss in Phu Quoc. This place marked a significant part of the history of Vietnamese people. Phu Quoc prison is located in An Thoi Village, Phu Quoc Phu Quoc Prison Phu Quoc Prison Star Beach: is located on the South of Phu Quoc Island Around 30 km from Duong Dong Ham Ninh fishing village: Located 20 km northeast of Duong Dong town. If you want to know how people live in the sea and how to fish, how to exploit pearl. Let’s come here. A Traditional Fish Sauce Factory: Everyone knows Phu Quoc fish sauce is famous throughout the country. However, not everyone knows how to produce fish sauce. Therefore, if you have arrived in Phu Quoc, do not miss this place. A Traditional Fish Sauce Factory A Traditional Fish Sauce Factory Phung Hung Fish Sauce: Phung Hung is one of a few accessible fish sauce factories on Phu Quoc Island. It's location is opposite of the Phu Quoc Prison. In addition, you can visit more the following place: National Forest, An Thoi Port, Bai Vong beach, Khem Beach, Suoi Tranh stream, Ham Ninh Mountain, Da Ngon Stream, Da Ban Stream .... Besides information on eating, accommodation, You can also find out more information about Phu Quoc travel experience and other locations at This blog aggregates useful information for your trip. Have a good trip!