Emis hotel

Emis hotel
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Location and overview

Hotels Emis located in Group 5, Suoi May hamlet, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang.

A stay with Hotels Emis places you in the heart of Suoi May hamlet in Duong Dong town. The hotel is just 5.5 km away from the city center, and usually only takes about 10 minutes to reach the airport. With its convenient location, the hotel offers easy access to the tourist attractions of the city.

Emis hotel pool Emis hotel pool >> Phu Quoc Paris Beach Resort

A hotel Emis, you will experience great moments of fun. At Emis, you will find a terrace and views of the mountain view, offer a unique and relaxing amidst nature. In addition, the hotel is just 700 meters Aroma Spa, a Phu Quoc pearl farms only 2.3 km, and also restaurants include Chez Carole Restaurant 3.2 km further.

Facilities and service

Emis hotel room Emis hotel room

Emis hotel come up to 2-star standard, offering unmatched services and the best possible comfort.  The hotel has 32 rooms designed with elegant architecture, neutral wall color and multi windows. All rooms are equipped with flat-screen TVs, air-conditioner, fan, private bathroom, clean toilet and wardrobe. Some rooms also have beautiful balcony and lounge chairs so that you can take a rest while enjoy watching breathtaking view of Phu Quoc. Wi-Fi is free throughout the property.

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