Phu Quoc national park’s activities for tourism


Phu Quoc National Park located in Kien Giang Province has become an ideal eco-tourist destination. It has special and unique biodiversity values compared to other national parks across the country.

Phu Quoc National park covers more than 50% of the island so it is definitely worth considering a visit, particularly if you would like to escape the heat of the daytime sun, a walk along a park trail or motorbike ride on one of roads in the north will give you a taste of this natural environment on Phu Quoc.Phu Quoc National Park


There are many available options for visitors in Vietnam travel keen to explore what is on offer.

Hiring motorbike on your own and explore the northerly parts of the island, and the best areas can be found on the road toward Ganh Dau. To get there, taking the road from Duong Dong towards Bai Thom and turn off toward Ganh Dau, the National park becomes more apparent the closer you get to Ganh Dau Village.

Walking Trails are limited, although it is a great way to experience the national park there is a good walking trail 5kms before Ganh Dau, where the going is relatively easy and trail wide enough to take in the surrounding environment. Walking is a particularly pleasant way to escape the heat, as the vegetation provides cover from the heat of the sun. Taking the same road mentioned previously towards Ganh Dau and 100m after the 5km Ganh Dau road marker on the left hand side you’ll find an opening in the national park with a clearly defined walking trail which continues for a couple of kilometers. Moreover, besides the 5km Ganh Dau marker, the actual trail is not sign posted.

If you’d like to experience the National Park along with other sites, you might consider booking a Vietnam tour through one of the many tour operators on the island, or enquire with your hotel.