Beach House Restaurant


The Beach House restaurant and bar opens from 7am to 11pm every day at Ap Cua Lap on Long Beach. As at other resorts, the restaurant sometimes holds beach barbeques and these are popular with guests. Grace and Richy, a British couple who stayed here in 2010, were lucky to attend such a beach barbeque.Phu Quoc Beach restaurant

They wrote on their blog: “They had a list of goldies we could buy – fish and then a selection of skewers – nothing more than UK£2 even better!… The shrimp skewer was literally about 5 massive shrimps stuck on a skewer – not what I imagined them to be like ha!” Grace was later injured walking on the beach one night when she stepped on a pile of hot coals, the remains of a beach barbeque held by a nearby restaurant. “Some fella here reckons I’ve got 3rd degree burns, I wouldn’t say it was that bad but I’ve got about 12 whopping blisters on the bottom of my foot,” she wrote. Unfortunately the Vietnamese have a habit of dumping dangerous items on the beach and you should always be careful when swimming or walking, particularly in built-up areas. Anyway, Grace staggered back to the Beach House where Mike, the English owner, went out to buy some first-aid items for her foot. Which goes to show that as well as providing cold beer and good food, Mike takes care of his guests.