Boat Racing Festival in Phu Quoc

Boat Racing Festival in Phu Quoc
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Phu Quoc is known as Southwestern pearl island and the largest island of Vietnam with a population of approximately 103.000. Phu Quoc is steeped with rich culture and exceptional cuisine in a harmoniously cultural blend of South central Coast, Southwest, Khmer ethnic group and Chinese. That is reason why Phu Quoc annually holds a number of festivals.

Boat racing festival Boat racing festival

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Boat Racing festival

Of all festival taken place in Phu Quoc island, boat racing festival remains the most among prominent. Boat racing festival is held on Dinh Cau beach, the Reunification Day (30th April). Participation includes men crew and women crew from many communes of Phu Quoc. Each boat can hold approximately 7 paddlers. The starting point is the begin of the shore and the competition is among many boats at a time. After the final race, all the boats participate in a final competition which is rather spectacular. The winners receive some cash as a reward.

Phu Quoc boat racing festival Phu Quoc boat racing festival

Culture values of festival

Big crowds gather along the shore to enjoy watching the festival and to cheer on the boat. Originally, the festival features spirituality and history associated with traditional culture of Phu Quoc island. Nowadays, boat racing festival has become a focus on gaming, entertainment and athletic. It devotedly boosts social communication and connection among people in the island. Besides, the festival also draws attention of tourists.