Camping in Long Beach

Camping in Long Beach
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There are so many wild idyllic beaches on Phu Quoc Island that you will find amongst them a good selection on which to enjoy your holiday. While they all pretty much have white sands, calm seas and warm waters, there are also lots of variations to choose from.  Which one is the best?  Maybe we can help you decide!

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Long beach

Long beach has an ideal mix of sandy beaches, clean water, lined with beach bars and restaurants.

Long beach Long beach

On the west side of the island lies the main beach called Long Beach.  It is here that most of the hotels and resorts are located.  The beach on this side of the island is more than 5 miles long, heading south from Duong Dong Town. You will find some sections here totally deserted, while other parts are packed with hotels.

Camping in Long Beach

The great thing about Long Beach is that is really is long, so it never feels crowded. I walked along the beach every afternoon, stopping off at beach bars along the way to rehydrate.

Camping on Long beach Camping on Long beach

All the usual amenities that you would expect on a beach are here (massages and coconut vendors). There are touts here but they didn’t seem to be as aggressive in their sales pitch as other beaches I’ve been to in Southeast Asia.

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