Combine Tour to Phu Quoc

Rach Gia - Kien Giang

Phu Quoc is only 55 minutes flight from Hochiminh city (Saigon) and 2 hours 45 minutes by express boat from Rach Gia – Kien Giang province. There are aproximately 10 flights arrive and depart from Phuquoc, and 9 boats from main land. If you have time, take a short trip to Mekong delta before arriving this beautiful island.



From Hochiminh city, you can take an interesting tour along mekong delta to visit Can Tho city, Chau Doc town and reach to Rach Gia city. Mekong delta is famous of fruit gardens, floating market and traditional folk song “Tai Tu Cai Luong”. Have a trip to Mekong delta province, you will attracted by “river culture”. The rivers here are rich of alluvium, it is said that Mekong river nourish fruitful gardens and beautiful girls in these province. The residents here live with rivers and cannals from when they was born until they pass away. The baby is delivered in the boat, he earns by boat or business on the boat, go here and there by boat…Most of daily activities related to boat and rivers. After the Mekong trip, you will reach Rach Gia city where you can take a express boat to Phu Quoc island.

Phuquoc is not the same. Phuquoc island doesn’t inherit any alluvium from Mekong river, it is blessed a lot of beautiful beaches that calling tourists all-year-around.