Night Market


Once the sun goes down you can venture to see what’s available at the night market.

It’s a collection of vendors set up late in the afternoon on Vo Thi Sau Street just off Tran Hung Dao Street. If you are walking South on Tran Hung Dao you really cant miss it as the corner…


All of the booths are illuminated and there are normally crowds of people coming and going with taxi’s parked right at the corner.


This is a good place to find an inexpensive souvenir or even a pair of sandals or shoes.
Mixed into the throng are vendors selling foods that they’ll cook up on the spot for you, and tables set up for you to sit and eat…

Its not a HUGE market…and you can walk from one end to the other in about fifteen minutes…longer of course if you’re stopping often!

Something to do in the evenings if you’re close to Duong Dong…we were staying about a half hour walk South from here sot was easy for us to walk over to the market after we had had dinner.