Phu Quoc Island: Tips for Going Solo

Phu Quoc Island: Tips for Going Solo
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Are you planning to travel alone to Phu Quoc island this summer? Solo travelers has its perils such as concerns, loneliness, safety and single supplement. However, traveling alone helps you discover yourself as well has the most out of religious experience. You can take a rest when you want, eat what you want and visit many places. To be with peaceful atmosphere, friendly locals and marvelous scenery, Phu Quoc island is a great destination for family trip, honeymoon and solo traveler.

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Safety tips

Perhaps the most concern of a traveler is safety. Without a companion, you might have to face problem such as theft, scam seller, criminals, etc.. Here below are some useful tips that help you avoid troubles:

  • Use reliable taxi service
  • Know how long from the airport to the hotel you booked
  • Don't share a room with a stranger
  • Watch out your belonging at all time
  • Keep open to public places at night
Choose safe taxi Choose safe taxi

How to avoid single supplement

As you may know, single supplement ranges from 25 to 100% of total cost. That means you have to charge of twice compared to group travel. It's easy to avoid single supplement when you book a package tour that offers roomate  matching. Besides, find promotion and deal which be often offered by luxury hotels. It helps you save money as much as possible.

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