Phu Quoc Sights

Phu Quoc Island..

Best of the South of the Island Get out on a moto (motor schooter). Head east to pretty Ham Ninh Fishing Village. Contemplate buying pearls. Sample local seafood at Kim Cuong. Head on south and navigate your way to Sao Beach. Refuel with more seafood at My Lan restaurant on the beach. Head further south and have a wander around An Thoi. Head back up the stunning west coast road. Stop off at Phu Quoc Pearl Farm for coffee and good ice cream on your way home. This route is just as good if you start by heading down the coast road and then back via Ham Ninh.

Ham Ninh Fishing Village
Ham Ninh Fishing Village

Make a visit to one of the fish sauce factories on the island.

After dark – watch the chain of lights bobbing across the horizon as the local fishermen attach lamps to their boats to attract squid.

There is also a special breed of dogs that live on the island. They are extremely similar to normal dogs except for the fact that they have 2 special markings on their back, where the fur goes in the other direction.