Phu Quoc, the coastal city of the future


Phu Quoc is being built to become an international eco-tourism island city; eco-tourism center of island with high-quality is on the world tourist map.

Common Planning to construct Phu Quoc Island until 2030, after 2030 vision will be the Prime Minister and Ministry of Construction for approval in 2009. Accordingly, the island’s population is 530,000 people. Functional areas of seven urban areas, 13 resorts, two non-tariff areas, four social centers and seven rural population …

The plan adjusted by the Government, Ministry of Construction direct implementation confirms the importance and role of the new position, it is soon to turn Phu Quoc into a tourism city of island internationally, eco-tourism center of island with high-quality is present on the world tourist map.pHU Quoc--

The entire island district has a total area of ​​593.05 km ², approximately the area of ​​Singapore island, Phu Quoc is Vietnam’s largest island, is the largest island in the population over 22 islands with an area of ​​573 km2, located in the direction South – North with 99 large and small hills, the highest mountain of God, more than 600 m, with a location is very convenient: beautiful beaches, cool temperate climate, forest and ecosystem diversity , Island district includes the town of Duong Dong, An Thoi town has eight communes of Cua Can, Ganh Dau and Bai Thom, Ham Ninh, Cua Duong, Duong To, Tho Chau and Hoan Thom (including the southern island of An Thoi) .

In seven urban planning there will have been three major urban centers, along to Duong Dong town, located in the northwest, is the capital of the island district, which is urban density, high “compressing”. The area of ​​the town of Duong Dong is currently 213ha and a population is about 7,855 people. It will be expanded to 3.570ha and estimated population of 240,000 people.

Tourist Complex is planned for 13 areas concentrated at the coast with beautiful beaches; Vung Bau Beach, Cua Can beach, Rach Tram beach, Rach Vem beach, Ong Lang beach, Thom beach … The tourist parks are planned near two urban areas of Duong Dong, An Thoi and nearby the airport. The resorts and hotels include a mixture of resorts, commercial and shopping centre, 5 quality golf yards in international standard and tourism and sports center.

An Thoi port, traffic gateway will be developed into urban areas from 120 ha area of ​​677ha and a population increase to 7,000 to 72,500 people. This is one of the urban densities “compressed” to develop for agriculture, tourism … The Science Urban in the north of the island is planning to 537ha and a population of 26,500 people, development of the urban toward the north and east.

Phu Quoc island district is plain and natural forests with more than 37 thousand hectares of precious wood, birds are concentrated in the north and northeast of the island. This island owns big tourist potential, with primary forests, many beautiful beaches. In the near future, Phu Quoc will become a special administrative zone, a main dynamic of economic center of the country on ecotourism, conservation