Tips for eating safe food in Phu Quoc island

Tips for eating safe food in Phu Quoc island
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Phu Quoc island by its breathtaking scenery epitomize a marvelous getaway for travelers to visit at any time of year. Tourists are step away from crowd and are free to explore the tropical island. Aside from pristine nature and beautiful beaches, Phu Quoc food accentuate this island further more. Phu Quoc is famous for fresh seafood and some tropical fruits. If you just pass through and want to take a quintessential bites, here is tips on how and where to indulge in Phu Quoc.

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Fresh seafood Fresh seafood

Choose reliable restaurant or stalls

Street food in Phu Quoc is welcomed passerby by its visually delicious an appearance and great aroma. One the best ways to experience the potency of Phu Quoc food is digging into street food. Tourists can easily find street food at Dinh Cau night market or Dong Duong market. These market aims at daily life rather than for tourism, therefore, price is affordable and you don’t need a price negotiation. There are definitely some reliable stops for you to eat safe food.

Grilled seafood Grilled seafood

Hit to the hotels

Phu Quoc boasts a wide range of high-end resort and upscale hotels which offer gracious amenities and exquisite food. Those include Shells Phu Quoc resort, , etc.. Even you don’t stay in a resort, you can make a reservation and enjoy a good meal. This is a great opportunity to enjoy real Vietnamese cuisine made of professional chefs.

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