What to pack for a Phu Quoc trip?

What to pack for a Phu Quoc trip?
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One of the most beautiful islands of Vietnam – Phu Quoc island to be with miles of turquoise beaches, balmy villages, abundance of entertainment and historic sites has attracted tourists at any time of year. Phu Quoc island has been featured on famous magazines and blogs as the marvelous destination for summer vacation. Growing at a fast rate, with many high-end resorts opening each year and many under construction, Phu Quoc island is ready to adapt tourists’ demands. If you are finding a place for your next vacation, it is time to turn your though to Phu Quoc island. A trip to Phu Quoc is not only merely relaxed but also educational. Here below I would like to share my idea on what to pack for a Phu Quoc trip. Read on to find out.

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Mosquito reliefs and sun hat

There are plenty of things to prepare for your trip: confirming your reservation, remembering to bring your passport, packing your clothes, etc.. Add mosquitoes to the list. Phu Quoc is a tropical island where weather is humid and hot all year round, with risk of some diseases. Therefore, mosquito relief and a sun hat are essential for you in order to prevent damage of sunlight and mosquitoes.

Bring a sunhat Bring a sunhat

Fishing gears

If you are interested in fishing on the beaches, remember to bring your fishing gears! There are some beaches offering shallow water that is ideal for fishing. Take a stroll along the shore, you might encounter some deserted beaches in Phu Quoc island such as Vung Bau beach, Rach Tram beach, Rach Vem beach, etc.. Staying on a ship overnight is also a great idea to enjoy fishing.

Tips: In case you forget to bring fishing gears, you can rents it from newsstand or service offices.

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