Gam Ghi Island

Gam Ghi Island
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Unspoiled beauty of Gam Ghi island

Gam Ghi Island is blessed with unspoiled beauty, pristine white sandy shores and adjacent shore coral reefs. The island is located at the southern of An Thoi in Thailand gulf, is part of An Thoi archipelago which consists of 17 small islands.

The island has some stunning beaches and surrounded by coral reefs. The sea water around the island in the extractor that you can see the bottom clearly.

Gam Ghi island Gam Ghi island

A sea blue color, light waves caress embrace the lonely desert island of An Thoi archipelago. From here you will admire the stunning views over the Gulf of Thailand and a trip to the island.

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What to discover?

Located in the most remote places south of An Thoi archipelago, Gam Ghi island is armed with stunning pristine beaches, cliffs with bizarre shapes, white sand. There is a world beneath the ocean with colorful coral reefs.

To get to this deserted island, you can rent a boat from An Thoi town. Gam Ghi isalnd Gam Ghi isalnd

Discover, swim, sunbathe, relax on the island as unprecedented human footprints. The beach here is beautiful and you will feel like you are really lost in paradise. Turquoise sea water with  calm wave battering to the shore brings about a laid-back atmosphere.

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