9 Reasons To Add Phu Quoc To Your Southeast Asia Hit List (P2)

Phu Quoc island
Phu Quoc island

5. Snorkelling/diving

As with many places in SE Asia the snorkelling in Phu Quoc is on point. There’s also plenty of diving schools if you’re after a PADI certificate.

6. Bioluminescent plankton

One of the things you just have to do is experience the wonder that is bioluminescent plankton.

There’s a few places in the world where this exist but if you’re enjoying a nighttime stroll along the shore you’ll probably notice what appears to be the odd dot of ultraviolet sand.

Bioluminescent plankton
Bioluminescent plankton

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Wait until all the lights go out – you’ll have to wait until the early hours of the morning for this – but if you go into the sea and wave your arms around the water around you will light up a brilliant shade of blue.

The plankton only turns blue when it’s disturbed and it’s a truly beautiful sight – think Leo in The Beach.

There’s also an old prison you can visit with creepy manikins acting out the torturous things that used to go on there, a fish sauce factory and a pearl farm if midnight skinny dipping isn’t your bag.

7. Squid fishing

If you’re hanging out on the beach in the evening (probably at Rory’s Bar where they light a fire each night) you’re bound to notice all the bright green lights on the horizon which signify that squid fishing is at play – and there’s plenty of sunset trips enabling you to experience it first hand.

OK, so on my trip I didn’t actually catch any squid, but it was a worthwhile experience nonetheless.

Squid fishing tour
Squid fishing tour

We also got to have a taste of the night’s catch and there was some squid porridge going around which I politely passed on, but you may be braver than I!

8. The food

If you’ve wandered off the beaten track during your stay in Vietnam it’s probably been a while since you enjoyed some hearty, wholesome food.

Luckily, Phu Quoc is a little more tailored to tourists than a lot of other places and there’s a tonne of food options on offer.

Of course there’s plenty of traditional cuisine to go around, including a bustling night market with fresh fish and ice-cream rolls.

9. The Salinda Hotel

I stayed at the Salinda Hotel on Long Beach, less than ten minutes from the airport.

In SE Asia you often find five-star hotels to be more like three-stars but the Salinda did not disappoint.

I was greeted with a cold flannel and a selection of drinks before being whisked off to my room.

Along with the biggest bed I had ever seen, the room had beautiful decor, gorgeous views, a flat screen TV, iPod docking station, a tonne of sweet-smelling toiletries, air conditioning, robes, slippers – the lot.