Driving around

Driving around
UPDATED: 01 Mar 2015 66 Views

Americans, do you remember when you were in high school and it was cool to just drive around? Sadly, I do. I thought it was forgotton, but today I spent too much time driving around on a motorbike with nothing accomplshed.

The day started off okay..the free hotel breakfast, which, since my mouth was so dry from drinking the night before, would have been a lot better had it been thrown in a blender and I was able to drink it. Nothing beats an egg smoothie. Since I actually saw some sun, I figured its not or never for the elusive Bai Sao, so I headed for it. When I arrived, I thought that wow, this has been what I have been waiting for. Crystal clear water, white sand, kilometers of unoccupied beach space.

[caption id="attachment_2909" align="alignnone" width="750"]Driving around Driving around[/caption]

..but then, it started to rain.. I waited it out under a table umbrella with a new found friend and hoped the skies would turn blue again. I went in once in the rain, which was fun except that I couldn't get out far because of a few jellyfish I saw and ended up being more cold than if I just stayed in the rain. After about, maybe 30 minutes, the sky cleared and I headed back toward the water which was still clear, sans an area of runoff, but invested with jellyfish. I don't know about you..but I woudln't like getting stung by a jellyfish, so I just did some elementary level wading.

I set off with my new friend in search of another beach. The best part of the day soon occured: got lots of fresh crab for little vnd.

Yes, it was a glorious find for lunch, a place set kilometers away from everything and disguised as a guizebo disguised as a shed. We think we even say a women drive up with the food while we were waiting and after we ordered, so that's how fresh it was. It didn't even matter that I had ordered a seafood hot pot.

After scoping out a few beaches that didn't meet our tastes, we headed for one at the top of the island. It was 1:00 when I saw a sign. I saw that same sign at 3:00. And, drove the entire time. The only thing gained in that two hour circle was some additional petrol and a insanely muddy bike from haphazard driving.