Sun, sand, surf and seafood

Phu Quoc Seafood
Phu Quoc Seafood

We found a bungalow, not on the beach but 50m from it, for 10$ a night. The water was warm and the beaches were big. The seafood was amazing, we had squid and shrimp for every meal everyday of the 4 days we were there.Sao Beach -Phu - Quoc

We rented a motorbike to go explore the island and see the other beaches. Sao beach was awesome, big surf. We played in the waves and used inner tubes to float on them. We saw really rural areas on the bikes, a few wrong turns but neat experiences.

We flew in but took the ferry back to Rach Gia. The boat hit some big swells and the staff was frantically handing out bags…too funny.

We spent 4 lazy days eating, swimming and sleeping in hammocks. IF you can make it to Phu Quoc before it gets crazy. They are building it up an day will one day be a mexico. We had a beach to ourselves and it was always quiet.