Sunshine – woo hoo!

Sunshine in Beach

This keyboard is dodgy so bear with me, also the travel pod cant seem to find phu quoc island – which is a lovely little island just south of the cambodian border in vietnam, we spent 5 days relaxing on the beach and scuba diving, toms previously burst ear drum gave him no problems

it was just a shame the visability was only about 6 metres, beautiful coral reef, loads of reef fish and it was great to just get back under the sea – it has been 4 years since we last dived in eygpt! the island has some lovely undeveloped beachesSunshine in Hotel

where we were the only people on them – sorry still cant upload photos even though we have found a computer with xp and have a camera cable, we hired a very dodgy motorbike [it was a choice between a bald front tyre or an engine with no power – we chose the engine with no power!}and rode across dirt rodes into the middle of nowhere to these beautiful white sand, palm tree fringed beaches where you could walk in and snorkel from the beach, but within 24 hours we had heard of 3 seperate people being pickpocketed so the shine came off the island, tom is very inventive with hiding places and fake wallets so we are fine! i think we have let our guard down though after being hassled in india so much and expecting to be done over then northern vietnam was so lovely and friendly so we relaxed a bit,

south vietnam literally is a different country – very western, developed and getting quite corrupt, we ended up paying 3 times the normal price of a bus ticket down to the mekong delta – where we are now and then it wasnt even the right bus! well and truely fleeced but you live and learn, i just hope we have enough cash to bribe the guards at the border crossing into cambodia tomorrow!

for those who are interested my bowels have returned to normal – at least i can take a pill for my problem….tom still has no beard! hopefully phenom pen will reveal maybe a memory card reader {we swapped ours for a camera lead} or maybe even a computer that works…but i doubt it! bear with us and hopefully its not too boring without pictures its been an amazing 4 weeks in vietnam and i have come to realise i just cant have preconceived ideas about a place or country, really looking forward to cambodia and laos they are supposed to be less developed and more innocent than here…no preconceived ideas though, honest!