Honey Moon Tour

Honey Moon Tour
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Enjoy the moments mate together on long sandy beaches the wave shore get sound, or jointly explore deserted island in a day full of sunshine. All ready for a sweet honeymoon period, only for unforgettable couple.


Time: 03 Days 02 Nights - Transport: Go and return by plane Departure: daily


Morning: Welcome guests in Duong Dong airport. Check. Lunch with specialty dishes Goi Herring. Rest. Afternoon: visit the famous traditional villages on the island. + Phu Quoc pepper: learn how to grow pepper in the garden. Phu Quoc pepper is famous for seeds, black pepper and fragrant. Guests can purchase gift goals in the garden. + Khai Hoan barrel house fish sauce: Learn how to compost and processed anchovy fish sauce is famous at home and abroad by way of traditional Phu Quoc with very high nutritional content. + Sim wine: Wine made from fruit sim chin.Gap forest wood and chat with the first processing sim paint in the wine production facilities alcohol sim Bay Gao. + Suoi Tranh: The stream originates from the mountains of Ham Ninh and only from May 05 - May 10. + Ham Ninh fishing village: ancient fishing village of people on island where visitors can buy dried seafood, fresh, souvenirs here with very cheap price. (Cost self) + Su Muon Pagoda: the beautiful ancient temples in the space airy bar Net. + Dinh Cau: beautiful landscapes of Phu Quoc is a place of worship and belief of the people on the island when off fishing. Evening: dinner. Freedom to relax or explore the island Dao Ngoc at night.Visiting the night market.

[caption id="attachment_2984" align="alignnone" width="550"]Phu-quoc-resort Phu-quoc-resort[/caption]


According to scientists, the Phu Quoc Sea preserved the ecosystem is relatively pristine, with beautiful coral reefs can form protected areas or planning areas into tourist scuba diving coral looked very attractive. The coral reef is up to 41% of the area. Statistics have been 89 species of hard corals, 19 species of soft corals, 125 species of coral reef fish, 132 species of soft-bodied, 32 species and 62 species of thorny skin seaweed, including many species important as the pearls and shell-fish.

Morning: After breakfast, car groups to progress to the south, to fishing vessels. + On Board: moved out of the success or failure, exciting guests, meet or fatigue, frustration are totally dependent on account of, persons in charge of important work: control yacht and guide visitors family fishing. With a team of crew and experienced local tourguide , you will enjoy every moment when the hands let go of these questions began ordinary eating whale bồng grouper in coral reefs in more than Hon Dua, Hon Then , Hon Thom .... + Lunch on board. Bathing, watching coral. + On the way back, visitors continue to stop at one of the most beautiful beaches of Phu Quoc with long straight sandy beach, fine white: Bai Sao. + Phu Quoc prison: the historical - where the crimes witnessed how the French and American imperialism while imprisoned more than 32 thousand prisoners of war (with the number at up to 40 thousand prisoners) in the period It existed less than six years. + Phu Quoc advanced pearls: you can directly visit the place from pearl farming process in cultured pearls facilities professional in Phu Quoc. + Back to the hotel. Bathing / swimming pool. Free relaxation Dinner: Vehicles used to couple a special dinner.


Morning: Have breakfast. Free bathing. Check hotel. Lunch (if guests on flights after 12pm). Procedures ATR 72 flight back to Saigon. End program. Farewell for more information.


Package Price for 1 pax
5.890.000 5.630.000
6.950.000 6.690.000

Price is inclusive of:

1.Innova/ Captiva Car 2. Visiting ticket during in the program 3.Aquafina 4.Professional local tourguide 5.The main meals: + 04 main meals, including special dishes at local restaurants most luxurious island. + Breakfast buffet t the hotel (3 stars hotel) + Offering free breakfast the first day if the customer before 8am flight early morning. 6.Includes: 02 nights in hotel seaview Bungalow (type A) - seaview hotel (Class B)7.Travel insurance rates: 20 million VND / pax 8.VAT tax 9. Return ticket SGN-PQC-SGN: 1.650.000/ve return 10. Gifts: Cream, Candles, Chocolates, Fresh Flowers, Cholate,

Price is not include:

+ Money laundry, telephone and other costs arising out of program