Trekking Suoi Tien - the Fairy stream

Trekking Suoi Tien - the Fairy stream
UPDATED: 19 Jul 2015 4 Views

Located deeply in the rain forest and is reachable by motorbikes only, Suoi Tien is known to be the mysterious stream where legend has it that a woodcutter being lost in the forest after several days looking for water, he then found a stream. While trying to get his water, he saw some beautiful fairies taking bath just near by and since then, the place was named Suoi Tien - Fairy stream.phu-quoc-island-vietnam-suoitrangphuquoc

Duration: Full day

Package 1 pax 2-3 pax 4-6 pax Over 7 pax
Standard 60 USD 35 USD 20 USD 15 USD
  Having a soft adventure with Suoi Tien is a great fun and enjoyable. Inclusions:
  • All gears for exploring
  • Delicious lunch